Top 10 Date Ideas for Lesbians in Orlando

Author: Libby Johnson 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I know as the date draws nearer I panic more and more. So far all you beautiful people out there I’m here to help in your struggle. Here’s my top 10 ideas for a romantic and affordable Valentine’s date

  1. Surprise Them

Now I’m not talking about a surprise party or the most expensive restaurant, we’re talking about their favorite things. A tiny gift goes a long way and shows that you remember the little things. Go out to eat wherever or even stay at home. But if you approach them with some flowers and their favorite snack, what could go wrong?

  1. A Night Out

So you want to make this night memorable. You know their favorite drinks and clubs and if you get there early enough the cover is free and the drinks are flowing. Take an Uber and pace yourselves. Afterwards go for a small bite in a place where you KNOW the food is good. Traverse down Orange Ave. in downtown.

  1. Hole In The Wall

You both have your favorite spots and of they’re unfrequented this would be the perfect place on such a busy night. The bartender knows you, there are people to chat with, or if you’re feeling some one-on-one time sit in the corner and talk. Mills Ave. is always a great place to start.

  1. A Walk In The Park

Literally, there are so many parks and lakes in Orlando it’s ridiculous. Hold her hand and walk in silence or chat it up with how much you adore them. Bring a card. Neighborhoods and cityscape alike always have something open during the day or after hours.

  1. The Classic Approach

Wake them up with some breakfast. Wait on them hand and foot. For lunch get their favorite take-out. Make sure the house is clean and the smell is pleasant. A hot bath with some candles never fails. Some aesthetic decoration with their favorite flowers or a stuffed animal will always bring a smile.

  1. Road Trip

This one you have to save a little bit of money for. But it’s worth it! St. Augustine, Clearwater, Daytona, Old Town in Kissimmee, anywhere away from home will be refreshing. Have some lunch or dinner and see what there is to see.

  1. Splash Zone

A lake, a spring, a beach or a stream. Bring a 6-pack and some lunch. Wekiva Island has canoeing for cheap but you have to buy from the bar. If you’re supplying then take it to the ocean. The entrance from Chase’s at the Beach is always phenomenal, and you can go to Ocean Deck at night if you’re feeling some live music after sunset.

  1. Lazy Lover

I understand, you had a long day at work and you probably just want to go to bed. A few days before buy a card, their favorite snack, and something they can hold onto; a bracelet, a necklace, a stuffed animal, a bottle of their favorite liquor, wine or a pack of their favorite beer, or something they’ve been needing at home. It will be very much appreciated.

  1. All-American Date Night

That entails dinner and a movie. Or vice versa. I prefer the latter. It’s a great last minute idea for under $50. Regal is cheaper than AMC, and afterwards take them somewhere nearby before heading home.

  1. Group Outing

This is good if you have mutual friends with dates as well. Anything can be fun. Go to Disney Springs and window shop, have a game or movie night at home, get some brunch at one of the many spots downtown or have a night out and bar hop together. Everyone has someone to talk to if things get slow and the socialization of people you all like enhances the experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!