eden wittleboard

Eden Wittle Pintail MICRO-CRUISER




This Eden Wittle Pintail MICRO-CRUISER board was handmade with 100% sustainable bamboo at only 18 inches long by 9 inches wide. Wittleboardz fit easily into your backpack  for convenient cruising and are perfectly balanced and rideable for ANY size rider at ANY age. The Eden Wittleboard comes with Gullwing Mission One 9 inch trucks & ALL PINK 65mm 78A Sunset Skateboard Flare LED light-up wheels to both increase your visibility at night and dazzle your friends! Faster than walking and more portable than your average skateboard, the Eden Wittleboard lets you get up and go! Each board is made per order and is fully customized and hand-painted by Wittleboardz Skate Co. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for production and shipping.